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Why Dominica?

Please read the questions and answers carefully, you may find your responses about Dominica passport.

1- Why Dominica grants me the second citizenship?

The second passport granted against investment is executed only in Dominica, Austria, and Saint Kitts. The privileges of Dominica passport over others are:

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Passport fee is much less than the other ones.

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Short-time duration of passport obtaining.

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Applicants are not required to reside/live in there.

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Investments are financed in public & private sector projects identified under the programme; In return they receive second citizenship.

2- Who are mostly after second citizenship?

Investors who are willing to pay less tax from countries like America, France, Belgium, Spain, and England are volunteers to get Dominica citizenship.

3-Why should I choose Dominica while I can apply for citizenship from Canada or Australia?

Generally there are some differences between citizenship and residency.

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Basically a newly citizen has all natural rights like the other native citizens. But about the residency there are many conditions in some countries, in a way that a resided person has more restricted rights comparing with the natives.

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Secondly when you get your citizenship you are not required to live there but with residency there is usually a time limit and for example if he /she doesn’t spend 6 months of a year in that country they may lose their residency.

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In most cases, obtaining citizenship from Dominica takes less time than getting residency from other countries. It happens the second citizenship process takes only 3 months while in some countries residency process period is much longer and America in particular takes about 12 years.

In fact in many countries the immigrants need to apply for citizenship 3 or 5 years after their residency, therefore it would cost them a lot. For instance, it takes at least 4 years to get one's passport in Canada if they aren’t rejected. In Europe, residency must be renewed every year and receiving passport takes a few years under special circumstances. Immigrants in UAE, for example can't get any passport and they have to renew their residency every 3 years with a lot of costs.

FAQ's - Dominica Passport

4- Which country(s) can I visit without a visa?

Since the Commonwealth of Dominica is a member of British colonies and Caribbean Union therefore no visa needed for traveling to the most of countries.


5- Do I have to reside in Dominica after I got my citizenship?

No. As a Dominican you get the permanent residence even if you never live there. You need only to go there once for your interview and if you don’t like it, you can invite interview panel to another countries upon your own cost.


6- Can I work in Dominica?

The answer is yes. As a citizen of Dominica you can apply for any legal job or engage in your desired business. Company registration is once forever. To register any kind of business you need only pay 1000 US$.


 7- Can I continue my education there?

Education in Dominica is performed in English. Beside that you can educate in England universities without any visa. "Ross" is the most important medical and veterinary University in Dominica which has a high ranking.


8- How is tax in Dominica?

There are no taxes on income, heritage, job and etc in Dominica. Actually incomes more than 5000 $ receive taxes.


9- Can I buy or sell houses in Dominica?

You can actually engage in any legal buy and sell.


10- Can I travel back to Iran?

Sure you can. You can get back to Iran with your both passports. You don’t need a visa as long as you are using your Iranian passport but using your Dominican passport you have to apply for your Iran visa two days earlier.


11- Can I have a trip to America?

Dominicans can travel to America without any visa. Actually for those who have been in Bermuda for at least 6months, they aren’t required to apply for visa to America.


12- Can I have both bank account and a credit card in Dominica?

You will have this chance to open any bank account in any part of world.


13- What about my close relatives, can they travel to Dominica?

You are able to invite them for a visit. If you want to get them a permanent passport, you must set out separately.


14- As a Dominican, do I need to get visa for other countries?


15- Can I reside in any countries other than Dominica?

You will be able to live in all British Virgins (including England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and Monaco …). You can also live in Caribbean countries like Bahamas, Bermuda, Saint Kitts, Grenada, Belize, and American Virgin.


16- Can I work in England after I get my citizenship?

You are free to work there without any employer. Since then you can ask for your work permit through your employer’s recommendation letter. This would be also easy process for nationals of commonwealth countries. After obtaining this, you are allowed to work anywhere in Britain.


17- How much does the whole application process cost?


18- How should I trust you?

To verify the given information, you can check them out with Dominica embassies in any country. The applicants receive a formal receipt from Dominica Passport Institute.


19- How long does it take to get Dominica passport?

Depending on conditions and circumstances it usually takes 4 to 12 months. Exceptional cases last only 3 months. Please note that the process period mostly depends on your follow up and submitting your documents in time.


20- Will my current country of domicile be notified that I hold a second citizenship?

No,From Dominica government's view your file for the second citizenship is completely confidential therefore you can continue using your first passport.


 21- Do I have any guarantee for obtaining citizenship from your company?

Be assured that our experienced attorneys will follow up your cases precisely. In case of any misrepresentation or failure to reveal information requested may be deemed to be sufficient cause for the refusal or revocation of your application. Any false information or unreal documents will cause legal prosecution and punishment. Since the amount of investment sum is deposited into an assigned account so if your application is rejected, your last payment is only paid back.


22- Which account(s) my payments are deposited into?

Your sum is deposited into National Bank of Dominica. Your money is there till your case is finalized. Upon receiving your citizenship, stipulated money is financed for public projects sector. If you fail to obtain your citizenship, all your money refunded.


23- Can you assist with cheap passport programs?

The programs that we offer are legitimate economic citizenship programme authorized by the government of Dominica.The prices are not negotiable.


24- Can I apply for education visa or work permit since I don’t have enough money?

Dominican authorities don’t issue any visa for students or job seekers. To continue studies in medical course, applicants must apply under economic citizenship programme.


25. Can I ask for refugee application?

Dominica never accepts refugee requests. In case of any, the refugee is expelled out the country.


26- Since I’m under 21, can I apply for second citizenship?

You can’t apply as single person; you must proceed through family option.


27- Can I apply for second citizenship without doing my military service?

If you are about to start your military service, you can’t apply for citizenship. But if are under 21 you are able to do that along with your family.


28- Do I have to do my military service even if I nave Dominica citizenship?

Military service isn’t compulsory in Dominica. When you are coming back to Iran you submit your Iranian passport.


29- Do the Dominican authorities consider any discount for brilliant people?

According to parliament Act, Government is required under Economic Citizenship Program to obtain investments from applicants so here is the parliament who decides about the fees not the government.


30- Can I get a passport while I don’t know English?

yes. Our colleagues are here to help you during the whole process. They are with you at the interview time as a translator.


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